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What makes Grand Rapids such a unique dining destination?

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It begins with the land. Rich soil, abundant fresh water and the climate-moderating effect of Lake Michigan make this one of the world's finest growing regions. As a result, Grand Rapids is surrounded by hundreds of family farms that harvest everything from apples and asparagus to strawberries and sweet corn. Many local restaurateurs have been purchasing fresh produce, meats and dairy products from these farms for years, making Grand Rapids an early model for the farm-to-table movement.

Of course, the quality of the ingredients must be matched by quality of the preparation to create a truly memorable meal. Here, too, Grand Rapids excels.

The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College is one of the nation's most respected culinary schools. Students come to Secchia from around the country and around the world, and many choose to stay in Grand Rapids once they've earned their diplomas.

These and other creative chefs are responsible for the many culinary honors Grand Rapids has earned, from "America's best burger" at Stella's Lounge (per GQ Magazine) to "1 of America's 101 most crazy-awesome new desserts" at Grove Restaurant (New York Magazine).

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