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Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in Grand Rapids

Anglers of all experience levels will find excellent fishing opportunities in and around the Grand Rapids area in every season. Kent County has an abundance of flowing rivers, lakes, and ponds in…

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Cross-Country Skiing in Grand Rapids

One of the great thing about Grand Rapids is the city’s close proximity to wildlife, nature, and beautiful outdoor scenes. You can easily find yourself in a winter wonderland within minutes of…

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Resolutions to Keep During Your Next Trip to Grand Rapids

Want a New Year’s resolution you can stick to? Resolve to have more fun in 2024. Make time for play, try something you’ve always wanted to do, indulge in a treat now and then, and visit someplace new…

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Snowshoeing in the Grand Rapids Area

Snowshoeing has been around for almost as long as civilizations have interacted with deep snow. Historians believe snowshoeing traces its roots back 6,000 years to Central Asia and were a necessity…

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West Michigan Winter Sports

One of the distinct benefits of living in West Michigan is that we can enjoy the beauty of all four seasons. It’s one of the reasons visitors like coming here. No matter the weather, there’s plenty to…

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Grand Rapids becomes a fatbike-friendly community

When Experience Grand Rapids first profiled the local fatbiking community back in 2018, it was clear the snow sport was exploding in popularity and participation. We can now report that area…

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Grand River Coho Salmon Fishing

As summer winds down and thoughts turn to fall, area sport anglers often turn their attention to the Grand River. September is prime time for salmon runs. The city’s downtown fishery draws anglers…

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Iconic Public Art Spots in Downtown Grand Rapids

The art scene is an integral part of Grand Rapids and locals know outdoor art is everywhere you look downtown. Whether it’s your first visit, or you live nearby, here are suggestions for “must-see”…

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