June 21 marks the one-year anniversary of Flights of Flavor, the innovative food + drink passport program launched to further polish Grand Rapids’ reputation as a foodie destination.
Flights of Flavor builds on the concept of beer flights, allowing you to explore different beverages and foods just as you’d sample a selection of beers. The 30+ participating restaurants offer a wide range of flight choices – grits flights at Forty Acres Soul Kitchen, ice cream flights at Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate, waffle flights at Nonla Burger, taco & beer flights at Rockford Brewing Company, mimosa flights at Sundance Grill & Bar and so many more.
In the first 11 months of the program, more than 5,500 people have downloaded the pass and used it to check in to participating locations nearly 1,100 times. When they do, they earn points toward fun merchandise like stickers, personal flight boards, hats and t-shirts. They can also choose to donate points to a scholarship fund at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College.

Enter the Giveaway

We’re celebrating the success of Flights of Flavor with a giveaway running June 10-July 31. “A Flavorful Weekend in GR” will award one lucky winner a two-night stay in Grand Rapids plus gift cards to some awesome Flights locations and Culture Pass GR for free admission to some of the area’s top attractions.
During the giveaway period, we’ll also be making Flights of Flavor merchandise available for half the usual points – a great incentive to visit multiple Flights locations during these 52 days.

Tell Your Friends … and Your Favorite Restaurant

Grand Rapids has been Beer City USA for more than a decade, to the delight of our beer-loving residents and visitors. Beer City continues to be a strong tourism draw and now Flights of Flavor is taking our food and drink scene to the next level.
A Flights of Flavor adventure is a perfect social activity for visiting friends and family (or local friends and family), so share the free digital pass link with all of them. And if your favorite food and drink destinations aren’t yet participating in Flights of Flavor, encourage them to do so. They don’t even have to be restaurants – DreamScape Desserts bakery offers a cupcake flight and The Comedy Project offers a moonshine flight to audiences of its comedy shows.