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Fall Beers Worth Visiting Grand Rapids For

Happy fall, everyone! I’m Ben Darcie, and I’m a 14-year veteran of the Grand Rapids beer scene, including being a beer writer for 12 years and working in the beer industry itself for 10 years. In short, I’ve spent the last 14 years getting to know the breweries of this great city, as well as their…

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Grand Rapids Restaurants with Surprising Vegan Options

It's possible that no one in Grand Rapids knows more about vegan dining than Kolene Allen. She’s a leading voice in the Grand Rapids vegan community and an all-around vegan guru. Allen is continually updating her 4,800+ Facebook fans on Vegan Grand Rapids about new finds (like Justin’s peanut butter…

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Grand RAPPids: Apps to Help Make Your Visit Awesome

“Where should I eat?” “What’s fun to do in Grand Rapids?” “Where do I park?” These questions don’t need to weigh you down when you’re adventuring around Grand Rapids. Each question can be quickly and easily answered through numerous mobile apps that aim to make your time in Grand Rapids as enjoyable…

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