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A Local's List of Great Fall Places to Eat & Drink

In classic Michigan fashion, fall has arrived in full force, and quickly. Beers turn darker, cocktails turn toward hard spice, and we arrive at the penultimate season for hard cider. A good friend of mine, Pat Evans, wrote an awesome article on fall beverages a few years ago, which still holds…

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Locally Crafted Hard Seltzer in Grand Rapids

Hard seltzer continues to attract new fans across the nation and is one of the hottest new trends in boozy drinks. Hard seltzer, or spiked seltzer, is an alcoholic beverage containing carbonated water, alcohol, and usually a fruit flavoring. These beverages have really made a comeback over the past…

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Grand Rapids Area Breweries Where Cyclists Hang Out

If there are two scenes booming in Grand Rapids and Kent County right now, it’s biking and craft beer. If you’re an avid cycler or are looking to start cycling as a new hobby, you’ll find that cyclists often stop at breweries along their routes to grab some food, prepare for another long ride, or…

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