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Your Romantic Getaway Weekend Itinerary in Grand Rapids

Although I’m a relative newcomer to Grand Rapids, I am still a Midwesterner, and I can tell you we’re a practical bunch. Case in point: winter. Midwesterners make the best of this season with festivals, outdoor adventures, and warming food. And while I am likely biased, if you’re looking for an easy…

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A Vegan & Sustainable Weekend Itinerary for Grand Rapids

Veganism is continuously growing, and restaurants across Michigan are filling the demand, with Grand Rapids leading the way. Not only is Grand Rapids rising to meet the needs of people with dietary restrictions, but it has also been named “America’s Greenest City” by Fast Company Magazine. Some…

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Epic Vegan Desserts in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids’ unique dining scene has garnered numerous recognitions, including being named Michigan’s Best Food City by Thrillist. Grand Rapids is home to hundreds of restaurants, many of which offer dining options to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions and preferences. If you’re…

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