We recently wrote about the exciting, jam-packed music scene taking place in Grand Rapids this fall. From Beethoven's Fifth to The Eagles, there's something here for everyone.

But music isn't the only thing happening downtown this fall. This fall Grand Rapids offers a thriving theatre scene with a wide array of shows, including Grammy award winner, ONCE, and the world premier of The Boatwright.

Broadway Grand Rapids

ONCE photo courtesy of Broadway Grand Rapids

Broadway Grand Rapids makes it easy to treat yourself to a Broadway experience without ever leaving our fair city. This seasons shows include 2013 Grammy Award winner, ONCE (Nov. 4 9), which also won eight 2012 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. "ONCE uses music and dance in a unique way to help tell a beautiful story, and how music has the power to connect us," says Meghan Distel, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Broadway Grand Rapids. "There are 30 different instruments played on stage all by the actors in the show. It's a really beautiful piece of musical theater.

ELF photo courtesy Broadway Grand Rapids

Show-goers of all ages can also enjoy the beloved story of Annie (Jan. 13 18), another Tony-award winning production, as well as Elf, (Nov. 28 30), a newer musical based on the hit movie, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Sept 30 Oct 5). Elf, Annie, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are all familiar stories set on the stage, which is a wonderful way for families to experience live theater and introduce kids to theater, says Distel.

ONCE, Annie, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are included with series subscription tickets, as is Kinky Boots (June 2-7). Other shows this season include I Love Lucy (Feb 10 12), Dancing Pros Live (Apr 17), and Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles (May 13).

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Grand Rapids Civic Theatre

poster art courtesy of Grand Rapids Theatre

poster art courtesy of Grand Rapids Theatre

No matter how many plays you've seen, you haven't seen The Boatwright (Sept. 12 28), which kicks off Civic Theatre's season next month. The Grand Rapids performance will be the world premiere of the play, written by Bo Wilson, whose main characters - a widowed former police officer and his neighbor's misguided son - form an unlikely friendship and confront their own loneliness and truths along the way. The Boatwright earned a spot on the Grand Rapids stage because it was one of six winners, out of more than 200 submissions, of the American Association of Community Theatre's AACTNewPlay Fest contest.

In addition to The Boatwright, the Civics season is full of time-honored classics, like Mary Poppins (Nov. 14 - Dec. 14) and South Pacific (Feb 27 - March 22). (Click here to see the rest of Grand Rapid Civic Theatre's season schedule.)

Although we associate the Civic Theatre with excellent plays, they're also hosting an exciting special event on October 17, An Intimate Evening with Judy Collins. When Collins takes the stage, a pianist will accompany her as she plays the guitar, creating an intimate atmosphere, says Nancy Brozek, Director of Development and Community Relations for Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. "The experience will be filled with her Grammy Award winning hits, timeless favorites, amusing stories, and an insightful glimpse into what has made Judy Collins a music icon for more than 40 years," says Brozek.

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Can't get enough? Here are some more performance opportunities this fall: