Grand Rapids Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is winding down, but I wanted to plant a few more ideas in your head to check out this week. Sometimes when it is hard to get a sitter or you want to go out as a family you might think you can't enjoy Restaurant Week. Although none of the menus have typical kid fare, there are still some really great options for you to go as a family.

  • Bobarinos: I know it is technically a big old bar, but my kids don't know that, so they LOVE going to the B.O.B. Bobarino's is one of their favorite because of all the TVs and the yummy pizza. But for restaurant week your family can enjoy a great menu, and even better take advantage of getting TWO three course meals for $25. Their RW offerings include kid friendly fare like chicken wings, brats and a banana split for dessert. Or order a pizza off their regular menu and the kids will be delighted.
  • Brann's: Pretty much a Grand Rapids institution, Brann's is a great restaurant to take the family as well. Their Restaurant Week menu also boasts two three course meals for $25 and there is plenty for every age group to enjoy. Start out with mozzarella sticks or fried green beans. Choose from chicken, fish, steak or, of course, ribs for your main dish. And finish with a lemon, peanut butter or red velvet dessert. They also have a great kids menu to choose from if the RW menu doesn't appeal to the little ones.
  • Cottage Bar: Well known for having the best burger around, The Cottage Bar is also a great place for families. When the first course of the meal consists of french fries or sweet potato fries (or green beans if your mom forces you to eat healthy) you know your kids are going to be happy. Your second course gives you the choice between several sandwiches including a bacon, cheddar, BBQ version of their famous burger. For dessert, choose between a caramel apple or brownie. Your kids will be in heaven and you can be happy that the bill isn't too high, since they are another restaurant offering two three course meals for $25.
  • Fire Rock Grill: Breaking from the norm, Fire Rock Grill offers three courses for $25 but includes a course of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, making it four courses total. And while I wouldn't necessarily recommend your kids ordering off the Restaurant Week menu, simply for the cost, they have a great kid's menu with lots of options, all under $5. For the adults, they offer five choices per course, including one of my all time favorite desserts, peanut butter pie. Sharing that with your children is optional.

Of course nearly all the restaurants participating in restaurant week have kid's menus and are accommodating to families. I would recommend calling ahead to make sure whatever restaurant you choose has what you need for your family from kid friendly fare to highchairs to patrons who are accustomed to crumbs all over the floor.