It won't come as a surprise to fans of the decadent half-pound stuffed burgers at Stella's Lounge that word of this local legend has spread all the way to New York City. During a recent segment on MSNBC's Morning Joe show which discussed GQ's July cover featuring Kate Upton (who, incidentally, was born in West Michigan), GQ Deputy Editor Michael Hainey gave Stella's burger the highest praise.

'The best burger in America is at a place in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Stella's...When you guys are in Michigan covering Romney next time, I want you to go to Stella's and the video arcade to get the best burger and then report back about it,' he said."

According to the segment, Stella's burger will be included in the July issue of GQ as one of a list of 50 things that America does better than anyone else. You can read more about the burger and find a link to the video in this MLive article.