Listen Live: NEW GR LIVE Radio Show

There's a new radio show in Grand Rapids. Beginning April 28, every Thursday at noon you can come down to The House of Music & Entertainment down at The BOB in downtown Grand Rapids for a “live radio show” broadcast on Grand Rapids community radio station 88.1 FM WYCE. WYCE is a community radio station in Grand Rapids known as “A World of Music” playing every genre. Every DJ (or what the station refers to as Programmers) plays any style of music from any artist they want. Not limited to popular music.

Quinn Mathews

I'm Quinn, I host the show… I’m somewhat of a newbie to Grand Rapids; I’ve lived here for 2 years now. I run a show from the WYCE studio on Monday afternoon’s from 3-6 pm. My wife and I are a musical duo called Channing & Quinn. We lived in Nashville for 9 years before coming to Grand Rapids. That’s right, from Nashville to Grand Rapids. And couldn’t be happier.

Grand Rapids is a music city in itself, it has just as much music to offer as any town I’ve ever been to. Seriously, Austin, Nashville, etc… Come to Grand Rapids and we can find several shows every night of the week by amazing musicians playing just about any style of music.

I had an idea to combine the “live” music of Grand Rapids and the community radio station into a small type of show modeled after my favorite radio show in the history of radio, “The Grand Ole Opry.” GR LIVE brings in several bands and musicians who have upcoming performances in the West Michigan area to talk about their music, upcoming performance, and just chat in general. GR LIVE takes place every week and is open to the public to come watch the “live” show! It’s Thursday’s at noon in downtown Grand Rapids at the House of Music and Entertainment (H.O.M.E) inside The BoB. Beer and lunch are available for purchase.

The show is also recorded as a podcast. It’s an hour show so you can listen to the entire broadcast from each week any time you like on any device. I will always showcase different genres and styles of music.


GR Live - Jazz Conversation
Quinn Mathews talking with Eddie Tadlock and John Shea

On Thursday April 28 as a part of my broadcast I welcomed Eddie Tadlock from the West Michigan Jazz Society, and an amazing Grand Rapids Jazz musician by the name of John
Shea. We discussed all the Jazz happenings around town as well as being treated to the music of John Shea.

Listen Here:

Want to hear the whole show? Listen here: