Are you craving the taste of your favorite local beer? Do you want to support the local brewing community through the COVID-19 crisis so it can emerge strong and ready for brighter days?

Many Beer City breweries are offering beer to go and beer delivery services that let you access craft beer by the can, bottle, growler, crowler, howler and more as quickly and safely as possible. Most offer curbside pickup at their locations and some offer beer home delivery within a certain distance.

A number of breweries also craft their own wine and spirits, so alcohol to go and alcohol delivery is also available. If you’re hungry as well as thirsty, you’ll find all sorts of delicious food-to-go selections, too.

Rockford Brewing Company - Cans
Brewery Vivant - Farmhand - Cans

Beer City breweries are offering beer to go by the can, bottle, growler, crowler, howler and more as quickly and safely as possible.

Photo Credit: Experience Grand Rapids

Here is a list of area breweries (and a few cideries) offering takeout/delivery. Menus and hours may change, so check individual websites for the most current information—and for phone and online order details.

Alebird Taphouse & Brewery. Order food, canned beer, bottled wine and cocktail mixes online for curbside pickup at this downtown Byron Center brewery. Open 4pm-8pm Tuesday-Thursday. 12pm-10pm Friday-Saturday. 12pm-8pm Sunday.

Arvon Brewing Co. Newer to the downtown area after building a faithful following in Grandville, Arvon offers Grand Rapids-area delivery and pickup every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Atwater Brewery. (Temporarily Closed) Curbside beer-to-go and local delivery is available from 3pm-10pm Tuesday-Thursday. 12pm-10pm Saturday. 12pm-8pm Sunday. 

Bier Distillery. Order online for to-go beer, wine, cocktail kits, food and house-made hand sanitizer – then pick up your order at their Comstock Park location. 3pm-9pm Monday-Friday. 12pm-10pm Saturday. 12pm-7pm Sunday.

Big Boiler Brewing. Offers beer and food for takeout and third-party delivery in and around the Lowell/Ada area, from 11:30am-9pm Monday-Saturday and 11:30am-8pm Sunday.

Brass Ring Brewing Company. Open 4pm-8pm Tuesday - Saturday and 10am-8pm Sundays for takeout, curbside and delivery. 

Brewery Vivant. Contactless delivery and pickup is available daily from 12pm-9pm. The food menu is updated daily to reflect the freshest and safest food options. 100% of tips are allocated into a Temporarily Laid Off Staff Fund.

Brick Haus Brews. Takeout service and delivery via Door Dash. You can still bring your own growler for refills. 11am-10pm Monday-Thursday. 11am-11pm Friday-Saturday. 2pm-pm Sunday.

Broad Leaf Local Beer. Open 3pm-8pm for curbside pickup and delivery of beer. Broad Leaf food favorites are available to go from Brewery Vivant.

Castle Brewing Co. Offering take-out and have rolled out an online ordering platform for contactless payment. 11:30am-9pm Tuesday-Thursday. 11:30am-10pm Friday-Saturday. Noon-8pm Sunday.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company. Growlers, refills and a full food menu are available for curbside pickup and delivery from noon-8pm Tuesday-Sunday. Now offering delivery.

City Built Brewing Company. Get beer, food and merchandise to go from 3pm-8pm Tuesday-Thursday and 12pm-10pm Friday and Saturday. 12pm-8pm Sunday. You can also get hard seltzer in crowlers.

DeHops Brewing Company & Café. Order beer and merchandise online for pickup between 5pm-9pm Tuesday-Thursday. 4pm-10pm Friday-Saturday.

EB Coffee and Pub. Online orders for pickup, including beer, coffee, party packs, even smoothies. 7am-8pm Monday-Friday. 7am-6pm Saturday.

Elk Brewing Grand Rapids. Pick up packaged beer and crowler/growler/howler refills from 2pm-8pm Tuesday-Friday. 12pm-7pm Saturday.

Elk Brewing Comstock Park. Offering to-go beer and food from 2pm-8pm Tuesday-Friday and 12pm-7pm Saturday.

Farmhaus Cider Co. Offering drive-thru cider pickup every 4pm-9pm Friday; 2pm-9pm Saturday; 2pm-6pm Sunday.

Founders Brewing Company. Order beer online for home delivery and be sure to check Founders’ social media content for fun content, including virtual tours and spotlights of local artists and craftspeople.

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery. Beer, food and a limited number of take-and-bake food selections are available for pickup from 3pm-8pm Wednesday-Thursday. 12pm-8pm Friday-Sunday.

Greyline Brewing Co. Offering crowlers, gift cards and merchandise for curbside pickup. 3pm-9pm Monday-Thursday. 12-10pm Friday-Saturday. 2pm-8pm Sunday.

Harmony Brewing - Eastown. Beer and food delivered daily. Open 4pm - 10pm seven days a week.

Harmony Hall. Beer and food delivered daily via DoorDash. Open 4pm-9:30pm Thursday-Saturday.

Jaden James Brewery. Call ahead for pickup of craft beer, cider, wine and root beer from 2pm - 6pm Tuesday-Wednesday. 2pm - 7pm Thursday;  2pm-8pm Friday-Saturday.

Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery. Order beer, liquor and pizza from Monday-Friday 4pm-9pm; Saturday-Sunday 12pm-9pm for pickup or local delivery via DoorDash.

Lost Art Brewhouse. To-go can sales, pickup, curbside and delivery options. 4pm-8pm Thursday. 12pm-8pm Friday-Saturday with food trucks coming from 4pm-8pm.

The Mitten Brewing Company. Open for beer and food to go from 11:30am-2pm and 4pm-8:30pm Monday-Thursday and noon-8:30pm Friday-Sunday.

New Union Brewery. Pick up to-go beer, wine, cider and seltzer from 4pm-8pm Tuesday-Friday and 2pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Osgood Brewing. Open for takeout food and beer - order online. 4pm-8pm Monday-Friday. 11am-8pm Saturday.

The People’s Cider Co. To-go cans of cider are available for pickup and local delivery from 4pm-8pm Thursday and Friday and 2pm-8pm Saturday. 

Perrin Brewing Company. Open for takeout from 11am-8pm daily. Offering beer and food, including weekly food specials. 

Pink Barrel Cellars.  Beer, wine and cider available in cans, howlers, and growlers to-go. 10am-6pm Tuesday-Friday. 10am-2pm Saturday.

Pike 51 Brewing Co. Curbside and indoor pickup of food, beer, wine and seltzers 3pm-10pm Tuesday. 12pm-10pm Wednesday. 3pm-10pm Thursday. 3pm-11pm Friday. 12pm-11pm Saturday.

Railtown Brewing Company. Beer, cider and food are available to go from 11:30am-9:30pm Monday-Saturday.

Rockford Brewing Company. Open for beer and food takeout, curbside service and local delivery from 11am-8pm daily.

Schmohz Brewing Company. Beer takeout and curbside service for growlers, bottles and kegs. 5pm-8pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 12pm-3pm Saturday.

Speciation Artisan Ales. Takeout only. 4pm-8pm Thursday and Friday; 2pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Third Nature Brewing Company. Beer and food local delivery, to-go and curbside service are available Tuesday-Friday from 4pm-8pm; 11am-8pm Saturday and 11am-4pm Sunday.

Thornapple Brewing Company. Order curbside beer and food for pickup or delivery via GrubHub or DoorDash from 11:30am-8pm Sunday-Thursday. 11:30am-9pm Friday and Saturday. 

Trail Point Brewing. Order beer for curbside pickup or local delivery from 3pm-10pm Monday-Thursday. Noon-11pm Friday-Saturday. 1pm-8pm Sunday.

TwoGuys Brewing. Order online for pickup of beer, wine and a wide variety of food – including fresh-baked bread and take-and-bake options. 4pm-8pm Monday-Thursday and noon-8pm Friday and Saturday.

Vander Mill Cider. Order food and merchandise for pickup at Grand Rapids and Spring Lake locations. Don't forget to fill up a crowler or growler with your favorite cider.

White Flame Brewing. Beer takeout – cans, bottles, growlers and howlers – 3pm-10pm Monday-Thursday (kitchen closes at 8pm); noon-12am Friday and Saturday. 

5 Lakes Brewing. Call for curbside pickup of food, brews, liquor and wine daily from 11am-1pm and 4pm-7pm Monday-Thursday. 11am-8pm Friday and Saturday. Noon-7pm Sunday.

Remember to keep yourself and brewery employees as safe as possible when you pick up orders – wear a mask and maintain a healthy social distance, especially if you will be leaving your vehicle.

Editor's Note: This story was originally published April 29, 2020 and was updated November 18, 2020.

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