What's the best way to celebrate Craft Beer Month in Michigan? With a crisp, cold Beer City Pale Ale, of course.

Beer City Pale Ale

You haven't heard of Beer City Pale Ale?

When Grand Rapids recently won the moniker Beer City USA 2012, (tied for first place with Asheville, NC), the Michigan State Legislature quickly pronounced July Craft Beer Month in Michigan.

As a result, ten Grand Rapids brewers decided to collaborate on a celebratory brew and the Beer City Pale Ale was born.

Although it sounds like a single brew, and most breweries began with the same recipe, they each brought their own touch to the process, which means you'll find something slightly different in the Beer City Pale Ale at each location. Founders, Brewery Vivant, and Schmohz simply renamed the pale ale they already had on tap in recognition of the city's award.

Ready to try a glass? Head to any of the participating breweries during the month of July:

Enjoy your Beer City Pale Ale, courtesy of Grand Rapids, Beer City USA, 2012!

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