Two years ago I moved to Grand Rapids after 9 years in Nashville, Tennessee.  Nashville is home to “The Grand Ole Opry,” the longest running radio broadcast in music history.  When I first moved to Nashville, which they call “Music City USA”, I asked some of the old timers around town, “How did Nashville become music city?”  They all had an answer.  “Because we had the tallest radio tower.” 

Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TN
Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

Apparently back in the day when the WSM broadcast tower was built it was the tallest in North America.  Throughout the 20’s & 30’s a show broadcast on WSM, “The Grand Ole Opry”, started to gain some attention because of how far the broadcast could reach with that giant tower.  The show featured musicians from all over the country stopping in to perform live on the air to promote their music and concerts.  

Two years ago ya'll welcomed this country boy into Grand Rapids with open arms and I appreciate that.  I’ve never seen anything like the music scene here, it’s thriving and growing faster than any city’s music scene I have witnessed throughout the years.  And all the musicians are GOOD.  It’s incredible to see and hear talented musicians based here in West Michigan and all over Michigan and the Midwest; combined with the touring musicians stopping through Grand Rapids on their way to Chicago or Detroit.  New music venues are popping up all over the place and breweries, coffee shops, and restaurants are hosting concerts every night of the week.

WYCE 88.1FM is the WSM radio of the area.  WYCE is an eclectic community radio station celebrating 30 years of existence coming up in 2017. Back in April we started a partnership with WYCE 88.1FM and several organizations in Grand Rapids to promote our music scene.  I’m realizing we missed out on one thing though: “The Grand Rap Opry”.

GR Live Radio Show 88.1 FM
Quinn ON AIR with GR LIVE

Back in April we started GR LIVE, a live broadcast show of performances and interviews to promote the upcoming concerts and events in West Michigan.  The show is every Thursday at noon at HOME (House of Music & Entertainment) inside The BOB on 20 Monroe Ave in the heart of downtown.  It airs live on WYCE 88.1FM and available to stream at WYCE.ORG as well as released as a podcast after airing.  Not only are there live performances and interviews on air that you can listen to, but you can come WATCH it happen, for FREE!  The bar and restaurant in the BOB are open for lunch and drinks, and we do the show EVERY Thursday at noon.  Can’t come next week?  What about the week after?  Not then?  Week after? 

Take a listen to an example of a show from this week right here:

So I’m thinking, years from now someone could move to Grand Rapids and ask, “How did Grand Rapids become the Music City of The Midwest?”  And the old timers will answer:  “Because of the best little radio station on the planet, WYCE 88.1FM.”