Here’s the scoop: Grand Rapids is the cherry on top of the vibrant West Michigan ice cream scene

Don’t just take our word for it though. Hundreds of locals recently weighed in on some of their favorite ice cream spots on Experience Grand Rapids’ social media pages.

Experience Grand Rapids originally asked locals to share a few years ago, and the results didn’t disappoint. Some ice cream eateries praised included Frosty Boy, Sweet Rewards, Love’s Ice Cream and Chocolate, Jersey Junction Ice Cream Parlor, Double Dip Depot, and Furniture City Creamery. 

Since there are practically more ice cream shops in Grand Rapids than there are ice cream flavors, here are even more local recommendations to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Many of these ice cream shops operate seasonally, so we've included those time frames here, but be sure to confirm with the location before heading out.

Spad’s Twisters Soft Serve Ice Cream

Open March-September

Spad’s Twisters Soft Serve Ice Cream has an extensive menu of tasty treats, offering everything from floats, glaciers, and slushes to flurries, sundaes, and FlavorBurst soft serve. 

“I think the variety of our menu and the ice cream quality sets us apart,” says Twisters co-owner Nick Spadafore. “Our ice cream is our own special recipe and it’s made locally.”

Nick adds that patrons rave about the Reese's Cup Flurry and the Trash Can Sundae. Served in a plastic trash can, the latter is a delicious blend of cookie dough, M&Ms, Oreos, and peanut butter cups topped with a generous portion of whipped cream and two gummy worms.

Twisters’ current space was formerly a bank, so its drive-thru window means crummy weather doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a treat.

For those with canine companions, Twisters offers a Doggie Sundae: a healthy dollop of vanilla soft serve topped with bone treats.

Choose from around 30 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream at Pinkie's Ice Cream & Desserts.
Pinkie's Ice Cream interior

Choose from around 30 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream at Pinkie's Ice Cream & Desserts.

Photo Credit: Brian Craig for Experience Grand Rapids

Pinkie’s Ice Cream and Desserts 

Open April-October

Pinkie’s Ice Cream and Desserts has been offering a fun palace of pink where patrons can enjoy ice cream since 2014.

With 30 hand-dipped ice cream flavors (no soft serve here), employees recommend sampling the salted caramel, chocolate malt, chocomania, and grasshopper, and choosing a flavor to incorporate into a homemade brownie sundae. You can also enjoy Pinkie’s specialty treats like the Donut Sundae or homemade ice cream sandwiches.

Pinkie’s vintage ice cream truck is also available to book for events.

Underground Cookie Club

Open year-round

Underground Cookie Club (UCC) is a frozen dessert sanctuary that specializes in artisanal ice cream sandwiches.

“As far as we know, we are the only place in the country designing and building artisan ice cream sandwiches from the ground up,” says Alan Stone, owner of UCC and founder of GR Loves Food Trucks

The names of UCC’s sandwiches pull inspiration from pop culture, like The Dude (chocolate and coffee), Yodarific (mint and brownie), and 3 Broomstix (butterscotch and chocolate chip). 

“We are also working on keeping a few sandwiches on a secret off-menu that only those who follow us on social media will know about,” says Alan.

You can enjoy these sandwiches in UCC’s Kentwood shop while being surrounded by an explosion of nostalgia, from a trash can covered in VHS tapes to tabletops covered in Pogs.

UCC began as a food truck and continues to be a staple in the local food truck scene. You can find UCC’s psychedelically-colored trailer at local food truck events, like Food Truck Fridays in Riverside Park or at community events like Festival of the Arts.

Too Tall's offers soft serve ice cream and other treats, as well as a full food menu.
Too Tall's sign

Too Tall's offers soft serve ice cream and other treats, as well as a full food menu.

Photo Credit: Brian Craig for Experience Grand Rapids

Too Tall’s Tasty Treats

Open March/April-September

For 25 years, the family-owned Too Tall’s Tasty Treats has been serving up ice cream from a bright red shop front while also offering a full food menu that includes the Too Tall burger and Chicken Strip Burritos.

Too Tall’s offers a rotating soft serve flavor of the week with flavors like pistachio, English toffee, and dreamsicle that can all be enjoyed singularly or twisted with vanilla, as well as crowd favorites like the malts, shakes, and flurries. 

On beautiful summer days, customers can eat their ice cream in Too Tall’s spacious outdoor seating area with picnic tables and umbrellas surrounded by radiant red fencing.

Mary Thompson, co-owner of Too Tall’s, says they’ve enjoyed growing with their customers for more than two decades.

“We have customers that were kids when we opened and now bring their own children,” says Mary. “It’s a great thing to see these kids grow up in front of our eyes and we are so fortunate to be in this wonderful neighborhood setting that’s close to the Grand River and Riverside Park.”

Many local ice cream shops offer dog-friendly treats too!

Many local ice cream shops offer dog-friendly treats too!

Photo Credit: Brian Craig for Experience Grand Rapids

The Cone Shoppe

Open April-September

The Cone Shoppe is just a good old fashioned, step up to the window, cash-only ice cream shop that’s been nestled at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Fuller Avenue for more than 40 years.

The Cone Shoppe’s popular menu items include a huge banana split, old fashioned sodas, Dole Whip, turtle sundaes, lemon ice cream, Doggy Sundaes, and 24 different soft serve flavors. You’ll even notice a few interesting flavors like pina colada, pistachio-nut, yellow cake batter, key lime, and Hawaiian coconut. 

You can also find delicious specialty flurries on the menu, like Banana Creme Pie (banana, marshmallow, vanilla wafers), Hawaiian (pineapple, banana, and strawberry), and cheesecake (strawberry or raspberry).

Woody’s Cone Stop

Open March/April-October

Woody’s Cone Stop has been named as such for 20+ years, but has existed as a local ice cream shop for more than 30. Must-try menu items include lemon soft serve, the deep-fried Oreo Sundae (served on Fridays only), the weekly rotating flavor of West Michigan’s Hudsonville Ice Cream, strawberry cheesecake flurry, and banana splits.

Ashley Ransom, Woody’s co-owner, says many customers come for ice cream but stay for a meal: “A Woody’s meal could include chili dogs, footlongs, Polish sausages, big beef dogs, Chicago dogs, burgers, cheese curds, pulled pork, or sloppy Joes.”

No matter what you order, you can enjoy your treats in Woody’s Cone Stop’s large outdoor seating area that offers plenty of shade on sunny days.

When you arrive at Woody’s, you might ask yourself, “I wonder why Woody the Woodpecker is on their sign?” Ashley claims: “Legend has it that a previous owner looked like actor Woody Harrelson and had the nickname Woody. He then chose to name it Woody’s Cone Stop and picked the woodpecker cartoon character as the mascot.”

With 28 ice cream flavors, The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market can please the whole family.
Kids enjoying ice cream at The Parlor

With 28 ice cream flavors, The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market can please the whole family.

Photo Credit: Brian Craig for Experience Grand Rapids

The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market

Open May-Labor Day

The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market is an old fashioned, family-friendly neighborhood ice cream parlor located inside a 135-year old building.

Situated in the Cherry Hill Historic District, The Parlor features two brands of West Michigan-made ice cream: Moo-ville and House of Flavors. You’ll have no shortage of options here since The Parlor can scoop up one (or more) of 28 hand-dipped ice cream flavors. 

Crowd favorites include Cookie Monster (Blue Moon and Oreos), Take Me for Coffee (Coffee flavored ice cream with whipped cream and caramel), Honey Comb, and Java Chip.

Village Cone Shop

Open March/April-September

Marea Horrell, Village Cone Shop owner, says that the 22-season veteran of the local ice cream scene is so much more than a place to simply feed your sweet tooth.

“We are very often told the shop is a bonus to the neighborhood. There is usually a line but people remark that they don't mind the wait because it is a neighborhood environment and people visit with other customers, meet up with friends, family members, and classmates,” Horrell explains.

While browsing the menu, Horrell says you’ll find favorites among locals like the Shark Attack Slush (blue raspberry slush with cherry and gummy sharks) and Cone Shop Flurries, like the German chocolate (chocolate ice cream with coconut, caramel, and brownie pieces). Village Cone Shop also sells Dippin’ Dots, eight different FlavorBurst flavors, Dole Whip, and 23 hand dipped ice cream flavors from three different brands.

Which Grand Rapids area ice cream shops have you visited? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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