Listen Live: GR Live Radio Show

We have an exciting thing on our hands here…we’ve been doing a live radio show downtown in Grand Rapids for 4 weeks now and we ain’t stoppin'!  We’ll be going strong all summer long!

It’s a live and open to the public broadcast and podcast called GR LIVE.  It’s every Thursday at noon down at The House of Music and Entertainment inside the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids.  It airs live on Grand Rapids community radio station 88.1 FM WYCE and beer and lunch are available to purchase while watching the radio show.  You will always hear several bands and musicians perform as promotion for their upcoming performances in the area, as well as interviews with folks from the West Michigan entertainment community.

This Week: Andy Holtgreive, Grand Rapids Soul Club and The Go Rounds

This week we welcomed Domestic Problems lead singer Andy Holtgreive, vinyl music and dance party crew The Grand Rapids Soul Club, and Kalamazoo based Rock n Roll band The Go Rounds.

Listen to the entire podcast here:

I was thrilled to feature the Grand Rapids Soul Club on GR LIVE today.  This is a group of vinyl collectors and fans of 60’s & 70’s soul, funk, and R&B that decided to put on events around town to dance and celebrate the music.  It’s like stumbling upon Dirty Dancing around town, it’s really something you need to check out.  Dance party with all music played on vinyl and all 60’s & 70’s soul, funk, and R&B.  I’m dancing now just thinking about it while typing this…

Grand Rapids Soul Club Podcast: