Live music is all over the place in Grand Rapids.  We all have our favorite spots, as big as Van Andel Arena and Meijer Gardens Amphitheater, or squeezing in to One Trick Pony or The Pyramid Scheme.  On your next evening out I recommend you head over to the West Side to the Tip Top Deluxe BarWest Side is where it’s at these days.  The Tip Top’s vibe and live music scene reminds me of some nights I spent down in Memphis, TN.  It has soul in the walls.  You don’t even have to check the music lineup, just go, you will enjoy yourself.

Band playing at the Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill
Live music at the Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill

Owner Ted Smith describes it as a “roots” venue because of the styles of live music they tend to have.  With somewhat of a focus on Rockabilly and 50’s and 60’s music some nights, or open mic nights, or local group Desmond Jones’ Monday night residency, you’re sure going to find a party.  Junior Brown, Nikki Hill, Delilah Dewylde, & The Bootstrap Boys are just a few of the performers that have been on stage over at The Tip Top in the past few months.  Go.  Drink.  Dance.  Be Merry.

The Tip Top Deluxe is located at 760 Butterworth St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

This week on GR LIVE along with live music, we chatted with Ted Smith from The Tip Top Deluxe Bar.  If you missed the show, you can listen to the podcast:

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