We all have a big dream, maybe a movie star, professional athlete, rock star, everyone has had that thought at some point. Some people live a dream by being musicians and we all think, wow that would be amazing; a musician, travel around and play music. Musicians are artists and their art has an amazing effect on listeners. They work hard on that art and it is their dream. But what's amazing is most artists I know also put that passion into community work because of how much they care about the earth, and life, and the world. I TRULY believe that I have seen more evidence of this here in the West Michigan area than anywhere I have spent time around musicians. Take a look at just three out of the many musicians that put in a lot of extra time and work into our community to make the world a better place!

Seth Bernard

Seth Bernard photo by Amalia Celeste Fernando
Photo by Amalia Celeste Fernand

Michigander, Musician, Label Owner, Family Farm Worker

WEBSITE: http://samuelsethbernard.com/

ORGANIZATION: http://www.earthworkharvestgathering.com/

Rick Chyme

Rick Chyme - Photo by Brian Mariner
Photo by Brian Mariner

Michigander, Hip Hop Artist, Poet, Collaborator, Educator

WEBSITE: http://rickchyme.com/


Levi Gardner

Levi Gardner - photo by Carly Schweppe
Photo by Carly Schweppe

Michigander, Musician, Drummer, community organizer and farmer

BAND: Muteflutes

ORGANIZATION: Urban Roots http://www.urbanrootsgr.org/

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