Whether you're in town for a few nights or every night, you can find something to do, eat, or listen to at the B.O.B.

This Big Old Building, built in 1903 as a grocery warehouse, is now home to a brewery and seven other venues, from Judson's, an upscale steakhouse to Eve, an energy-filled nightclub.

Here's a guide to what the B.O.B offers and when:

For dinner throughout the week (except on Sundays): 

Bobarino's: Part sports-bar, part wood-fired pizza place, this is my kids pick at the B.O.B, but it's fun without the kids, too. This is the only part of the B.O.B that's open for lunch (on Saturdays)--it's a great way to check out the B.O.B. if you're just in Grand Rapids for the day. 

Judson's: When you're entertaining clients, good friends, or simply in the mood for great steak paired with an equally good wine, head to Judson's.

Gilly's: Gilly's has gone through a transformation from a seafood restaurant to a smokehouse. The menu features delicious meats that are being smoked daily.

On Thursday, the B.O.B. adds a comedy club, nightclub and brewery to the mix:

B.O.B.'s Brewery: From Thursday to Saturday starting at 5:00pm (4:00pm on Thursday's) you can explore a variety of craft beer brewed in house.

H.O.M.E.: If you're looking for a fun, live music venue, H.O.M.E. hosts a variety of music genres from Indie to EDM. 

Dr. Grins: Laugh the night away with local and national talent at this fun GR comedy club. If you're 21 and up you can attend the 10:30pm show for a raunchier comedy set.

If you're the late-night type, don't miss Eve on Fridays and Saturdays:

Eve: At this contemporary nightspot you can dance the night away or just sip a cocktail and enjoy the scene. Open Friday and Saturday 11:00pm -close.