Every Thursday, I (Quinn Mathews) host GR LIVE on WYCE 88.1FM at noon at H.O.M.E. at the B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids. What I like to do is showcase musicians that have upcoming performances in the West Michigan area. They come on the show and perform a few tunes as a sneak peek of what you will hear at their gigs coming up in the next week.

WYCE is known as “A world of Music” playing a wide range of genres on air from Folk, to Blues, to Rock, Jazz, and World Beat. So it’s important on my hour long show on Thursday’s to showcase many different styles of music. So in booking acts to perform I look for many genres of music that have upcoming performances in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area. It’s hard to do. Want to know why it’s hard? Because there are SO MANY acts to choose from in SO MANY different genres. I can’t even keep up. Let me give you a rundown of how I look into the different style acts with performances at different venues EVERY WEEK around town.

Grand Rapids Symphony Dreamworks Movie
Grand Rapids Symphony - Dreamworks Movie    Photo: Terry Johnston

The Grand Rapids Symphony

They do EVERYTHING. This ain’t your every day symphony! This summer it was The Beach Boys, Queen, Bowie, Boyz II Men… Just last weekend they performed the music of Dreamworks Animation and coming up in November you will hear the movie score to E.T. Movie + Score.

The Pyramid Scheme

Band’s passing through Grand Rapids from Detroit or Chicago that normally play 1,000 seat venues on weekends stop through this 400 capacity room to put on shows on “off nights” of their tours, usually Sunday’s and Monday’s. We are lucky to have these acts come through town. Go see them.

Hot Capicola Records

One of several record labels located right here in Grand Rapids featuring music coming out of Grand Rapids.  Don’t miss these artists while they are here, they are moving up the chain fast.  Right now they're featuring the incredible hip hop of Lady Ace Boogie.

The Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill

Bring your night over to the west side.  You will hear bluegrass, country, rockabilly, comedy, anything and everything.  You may want to take a music vacation to Nashville or Austin, but I strongly suggest you take your vacation at The Tip Top.

West Michigan Jazz Society

I’m blown away by Jazz in this area. These are professionals.  It’s an honor to have them here. And they are EVERYWHERE, EVERY NIGHT. It would be impossible for you to be walking around the Grand Rapids area at night and not hear a jazz performance coming out of a bar/restaurant. Check out their calendar of events!