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Made of Stars
Molly Lucille 2D
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The countdown to ArtPrize has officially begun and September 24 will be here before you know it. We've assembled a quick primer to help you navigate some of the exciting changes to this year's competition.

ArtPrize 2014 will have four judging categories for both the public and the juried voters: 2D, 3D, time-based and installation. Here is a breakdown of what kind of art you can expect to see in each of the categories according to

  • 2-D entries are entries that exist primarily on a flat plane. Painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and most textiles are examples of 2D work.
  • 3-D entries occupy space and are intended to be viewed from multiple angles. Sculptures that are not site-specific belong in the 3-D category.
  • Time-based entries are durational and change over time. The viewer has to spend some time with the work to view it fully. This includes performance, video and film, dance, music, and interactive work.
  • Installation entries are dependent upon their installation site. The location is not a neutral ground, but makes up an important ingredient of the work. Installation is different from 3-D in that changing the location of the piece would dramatically change the work.

ArtPrize 2014 features the largest prize money purse ever with a total of $560,000 available to winning artists. The Public Vote is the foundation of ArtPrize-so remember to register to vote!

crossed situation
Lisa Mueller-Trede Time-based
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One of the most notable changes for 2014 is the doubling of the Juried Grand Prize to $200,000, which now matches the Public Vote Grand Prize award. Artists who win the top public votes and juried votes in each of the four judging categories will win $20,000 each.

With new judging categories and awards, it's only reasonable the voting should be shaken up as well. And in 2014, 40 entries will move into the running for the prize money chosen by both the public and the juried votes. Remember, to vote you need to register!

On September 29, a panel of juried voters will announce the top five artists in the four judging categories totaling 20 entries.

Round 1 of the Public Vote will end five days later on October 4 also totaling 20 entries. What makes the popular voting different this year compared to last is instead of top vote getters across the board advancing; only the top five in each category will move on to the Final 20 and be eligible for prize money.

"One of the things we've encouraged at ArtPrize is curiosity," ArtPrize Executive Director Christian Gaines said. "This might encourage more people to get involved in those other categories."

The "Final 20" will be announced October 5. Round 2 voting runs through October 9. This year the public will not be limited to a single vote but can vote up to 20 times.

This Land is Your Land Benjamin Jones 3D Photo Courtesy

This Land is Your Land
Benjamin Jones 3D
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As in Round 1, you could cast one vote for every one of the 20 finalists, but ArtPrize encourages you to vote for artwork you find compelling. ArtPrize also want to remind you there are no rules about which artwork deserves your vote: it's entirely up to you.

On October 10, all winners will be announced. The Public Vote $200,000 Grand Prize winner will be the art receiving the most votes overall. Art with the top votes in its category will win the $20,000 prize. This year there will be no second or third place awards-it's all or nothing.

An independent panel of three judges will decide the Juried Vote $200,000 Grand Prize winner. Each member of the jury also individually selects the winners of the $20,000 prize in their specific category. The jury will also present an award for Outstanding Venue, given to the curator of a Venue, not a participating Artist.

Since the Juried Awards are decided separately from the Public Vote, it's possible for an entry to win both a Public Vote and Juried Award, including both Grand Prizes. Whoa!

Reflex/Reflects Andrea Myers Installation Photo courtesy of

Andrea Myers Installation
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A behind the scenes addition to ArtPrize this year is the introduction of $2,000 Artist Seed Grants presented by the Frey Foundation. The grants were awarded to twenty-five selected artists who demonstrated both financial need and artistic merit. With the exception of Made of Stars, art featured throughout this article is an Artist Seed Grant recipient.

So grab plan your route, grab your comfortable attire, hit the streets and vote in ArtPrize 2014!