Kelly Messerly

Marketing Content Manager
aka Editorial Ace

Kelly tells stories for a living – stories about what makes Grand Rapids a great travel destination. “I get to deal in good news,” she says. “I’m lucky to have a gig that tells the positive stories of our community while also advocating for, and contributing to, its continual improvement.”

Whether it’s the tale of a new restaurant or a new accessibility feature, whether it’s told in an online blog or our annual Visitors Guide, every editorial item passes through Kelly. She identifies traveler-tantalizing stories, works with writers and designers to present them in a captivating fashion, and then makes sure they reach the intended audiences.

I love trying new places to eat.

Bio Bits:

  • Her appetite for new and novel extends to dining – “I love trying new places to eat and there’s always something new popping up in Grand Rapids”  
  • Recommends Grove restaurant for its separate vegetarian menu … and butterscotch pudding!
  • Loves the view of the city skyline heading toward downtown on Lake Michigan Drive

Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in English literature – a combo that propels her push for enlightening and engaging stories about Grand Rapids and Kent County.

Kelly Messerly, Marketing Content Manager

Kelly Messerly, Marketing Content Manager

Photo by Mod Bettie for Experience GR