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Canvass & GOTV for Redistricting Reform

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Join the Delta Red Army in the fight to end gerrymandering and vote for redistricting reform that offers transparent, impartial, and fairer elections in Michigan.

On the first Saturday of the month we'll meet for a quick training on redistricting reform and how to canvass before heading out in small groups to help spread the word in preparation for November's election. Open to all ages and physical ability levels (phone banking starts in June).

Meeting locations will be updated monthly within the event page.

Is this all new? No problem! We welcome you. We need you. We'll support you.

Still have questions? See below!

What's this redistricting thing about?
To ensure our votes matter and voices are heard, States are required to redraw their voting district maps - a process called redistricting - with every Census to ensure equal representation. However, some of Michigan’s politicians have taken advantage of their power to draw their own districts. This results in unfair political advantage, and a loss in power to some voters.

How does that happen?
The process of redrawing lines to unfairly benefit ones political party is known as gerrymandering. Currently, communities are carved up in a way that gives one group an almost unbeatable advantage in elections, giving them the ability to ignore constituents - regardless of their political preference.

Tell me more.
You can read more on the specifics of how gerrymandering works and why it's a problem here:

What now?
Michigan voters can end gerrymandering in Michigan this November. The majority of voters must vote "yes" to redistricting reform and to amend Michigan’s constitution to place an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in charge of redistricting. Read more about what will be on the ballot here:

This is important! How can I help?
Come canvass with us on the first Saturday of the month from now through November. We'll get the word out about how important this is in preparation for November's election. We'll also help people register to vote.

Never canvassed? No problem! We'll do a quick training each Saturday before heading out in small groups to spread the word!

Canvass & GOTV for Redistricting Reform