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Creston Vibes: Open Sessions

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Creston Vibes: Open Sessions is a bi-monthly open mic series that will take place on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Open Sessions is not the typical open mic; Creston Vibes will allow participants to follow a theme of the show, meaning each show is a different session. From lyrical poetry, to sultry acoustic, to slightly offensive comedy...wherever the session takes us.

The Creston community is a vibrant one, made up of a collection of creative and unique people. Creston Brewery wants nothing more than to give these people a platform and space to partake in this monthly event!

Creston will make a social media post before each event. You can sign yourself up in the comments, or just show up and write your name down then.

So dust off your old journals, find your lucky guitar pick and get down to Creston Brewery to enjoy a pint or two and spit some poetic truth, or croon the ladies, or do magic tricks…! You go on at 8:00pm!


Creston Vibes: Open Sessions