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Custom Courses for The Workplace

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KCAD Continuing Studies Instructors have real-world experiences to give their students insights that will change the way they think about their own potential. Workplaces will be taught by professionals most appropriate for your company and professional needs. 


Solve "messy" problems and develop creative solutions using the toolbox of design thinking. Our professional instructors will guide you through determining the correct problem to solve, using empathy exercises, engaging feedback and support from all levels of your organization, developing prototype solutions, and testing. Learn what the design thinking toolbox can do for you and your organization.


We offer workshops like "Art of the Doodle", "One Way to Paint a House", and "Paper Pattern Quilt" to build team rapport, break the ice, and get your team thinking many more collaboratively, outside the box. We have many more ideas; so contact us and let us know your needs. We'll provide solutions that custom-fit your organization. 


How can your in-house department periodically assess it's output, what are the metrics that matter, what analysis processes work best, and how do you present these findings with clarity and credibility to the rest of the organization.


Your company has a brand, whether you acknowledge it or not. What is the role of your design team, in house or out, in stewarding your brand? How does your design department engage all the stakeholders influencing that brand and keep that dialogue productive? Is your brand position clear for all audiences, what does it mean to stay on message, and how do new products or services get added while maintaining a strong brand?


The course will survey the most commonly used steps to create, build, migrate, and/or revitalize your brand. Understanding the types of brand architecture and strategies will aid your design team in stewarding your brand successfully. You will learn how to utilize branding as a simple framework for addressing marketing communications issues. 


Your company, whether it has an internal capability or uses external creative resources, needs to make sure vendor relationships are as effective, efficient, and accountable as possible. This means understanding the processes and outcomes involved, clarifying roles, agreeing on metrics to be used, and seeing that real value exists for all parties concerned. 

Custom Courses for The Workplace
  • December 6, 2019
  • Kendall College of Art & Design
  • Prices may vary depending on what you would like to do; and call to set the start date as well.
  • Recurring monthly on the 6th