**Please note all shows at Pyramid Scheme are 21+


Do you like your comedy inoffensive, free of swear words, and something you could take you grandmother to? Well, this isn’t the show for you!

This is the 6th Annual Dirty Show, and we plan on bringing you some hilarious jokes with a side of filth. It will be raucous, over the top, and mind blowing! When it is all over your sides will be hurting from laughing and you will walk away with a whole new vocabulary of words you can’t use at church!


Adam Degi has done everything from hosting a game show and performing stand up at colleges to taking his act to clubs and festivals around the country. He won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids Competition in 2009 and was in the Semi – Finals of the Comedy 10K in 2014. He also received a standing ovation from the Harlem Globetrotters.

His strangely endearing personality and ability to riff, rant and improvise sets him apart and makes every show unique. With an unapologetic, outspoken, unfiltered, and often unscripted act it’s difficult to tell when he’s telling a joke or just getting something off his chest. Adam Degi is anything but predictable and when he has a microphone in his hand you never know what might happen so grab a seat and pay attention!