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GRIF: Mad Science


Laboratories, and wilderness, and...girls! OH MY! Come watch some mad improv phenomenons unfold right before your very eyes!


Funny Girls
MUSIC! IMPROV! SKETCH! MEMES! YOUTUBE! PLAYS! BLOGS! YOUTH! Funny Girls is an inclusive collective of self-identified female comedians, writers, musicians, bloggers, YouTubers, and all around bad ass women. We collaborate on sketches, music, mixed media, and improv for live shows. Our mission is to work with women of all ages to to build self-esteem and encourage creative expression through comedy. Always looking to collaborate with diverse groups and organizations around greater Grand Rapids and beyond, Funny Girls seeks to create and grow with a community of women who own their funny. We are Funny Girls.

"Miles beneath the surface of the earth, in a bunker, resides the Go Laboratories. Where 'Dr.s' Quesada and Jacokes are constantly struggling and striving to bring you the future of comedy... Today!" is how we began our first round of shows back in 2014. Called Beta Testing, we tried to blend original short and long form into an engaging show for audiences of improvisers and off the street. Since then we have created original improvised shows for ourselves and full casts, all the while trying to better each other and pushing ourselves to continually expand our ability.

Wilderness Girls
It is a Wilderness Girl's duty to uphold three main principles: Emotional Connections, Honest Moments, and Perfect Hair.
One of Go Comedy's two 2016 Launch Groups, Wilderness Girls believes in using every part of the buffalo.

GRIF: Mad Science