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Montage: GRIF 17

About the Troupes:

Almost Good is a Long Form Improv Group based out of Metro Detroit. They are 9 friends who graduated from classes at the Planet Ant Theater. They all liked each other enough that they frequently perform at local venues in the Metro Detroit Area. When they're not doing improv, they like to drink beer, talk about sitcoms and do karaoke.

Unicornucopia: Imagine if your weird and quirky (but socially acceptable) aunt and uncle decided to hand-pick family members to join a free spirited improv troupe - that’d best describe Unicornucopia. Hailing from the (improv) hardened streets of Ferndale MI, Unicornucopia’s makeup is about as diverse as they come. Meeting for the very first time during their first improv class, they’ve been inseparable ever since! It’s this unique bond which sets them apart from other troupes. They're a group of friends brought together by one, simple, common goal; have fun every time they step on stage.

Makeshift Up is Crown Point Community Theatre’s house improv team. Their brand of improv is performing ‘theatre without a script’; they strive to use the same skills and tools used in scripted productions in their improvised scenes and games all the while making their audiences laugh. Their show involves interesting characters, great scenes, and memorable performances all based on audience suggestion. They perform at Crown Point Community Theatre approximately every six weeks as well as off site throughout Northwest Indiana.

About the Festival:
The Grand Rapids Improv Festival (GRIF) is a weeklong celebration of improv comedy with troupes from all over the country descending on Grand Rapids! With events and performances every night of the week from October 30th to November 6th everyone is sure to find something to tickle their funny bone. Come out and laugh with us!

Montage: GRIF 17