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Remain Paws - itive

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Remain PAWS - ITIVE July Sip n Learn

Broad Leaf Local Beer and Grand Rapids Pit Bull Alliance have teamed up for the 2021 Summer and Fall season for Dog Friendly Sip & Learns with our favorite topics in Canine Behavior, Training and Enrichment! All on the Broad Leaf Dog Friendly patio 🐾

Topics we will be discussing this month

🐾 Resource Guarding - working in a shelter we see many dogs surrendered for Resource Guarding, there is a lot of confusion of what it is and how to address it. In many situations it can be managed successfully with positive based methods!

🐾 Barking - many of you have requested how to address Barking and we heard you.

🐾 Hyperarousal - We're going to get into what Hyperarousal is, behaviors dogs typically exhibit from hyperarousal and how to help a dog with hyperarousal.

🐾 Muzzle Training - last but not least a favorite topic of ours! We believe ALL dogs regardless of size, breed and behavior should be muzzle trained. Let's destigmatize them, Good Dogs Wear Muzzles!

We'll talk about different types of muzzles, sizing, ways to use them, how to introduce them and how build a positive association with your dog and the muzzle. Depending on time this may turn into a two part discussion.
* If you have a Muzzle for your dog or plan on getting one please bring it with you that evening.

If you have a Reactive Dog and very Fearful Dog please leave them at home and attend without your dog, we can still go over a lot of information to help you and your pup and also set up a time for a consultation if you like.

🐾 This is a Dog Friendly of all breeds event for dogs who are non people reactive and non dog to dog reactive. If your dog is reactive to people or other dogs please leave them at home, we will be discussing Dog Reactivity and can always schedule a time to meet you and your pup in a safe quiet environment.

GRPBA believes that behavior and training should be judgement free, accessible and affordable to all familes with pets. GRPBA is working to build up more areas of assistance for those on fixed incomes. Often in the shelter system we see families surrender a pet due to a behavior related problem and if they had proper accessible and affordable behavior / training assistance available to them earlier they could have been able to keep their pet.

Presenters Lyndsey and Tanelle are both certified dog trainers combined certifications include CPDT-KA, AKC Evaluater, ABC, Fear Free, IAABC Shelter Division and who only use and advocate positive/reward base training and adhere to LIMA. Lyndsey and Tanelle have spent several years working with dogs in our local shelter system and dealing with a variety of behaviors and situations. Both also teach group classes and one on one.

Lyndsey is the Canine Behavior Coordinator at the Humane Society of West Michigan and also owner and founder of Lost Paws LLC Missing Pet Recovery.

Tanelle is currently spending a lot of time at the Kent County Animal Shelter assisting with the shelter enrichment program and is she currently pursuing her CBCC-KA certification continuing her education in Canine and Shelter Behavior. She has recently also began fostering again specifically for dogs with Behavior needs.

We will be collecting donations for our Pet Outreach program which provides assistance to those experiencing hardship. GRPBA provides pet food, supplies, training and resources so pets can stay in their home with their families. We will continue to post our priority needs in the event.

Please join us!

Grand Rapids Pit Bull Alliance mission is ending breed discrimination through education, advocacy, outreach and enrichment 🐾

Remain Paws - itive