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Tanner and Tolan Fundraiser for Juvenile Arthritis

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BattleGR is doing a fundraiser to help Tanner and Tolan fight against Juvenile Arthritis. 20% of the sales from this day will go to help them in their fundraiser for the JA walk in May! Come out and support this amazing family. See their story below.

Space is limited to don't forget to book your spot to play!

Meet Tanner age 14 and Tolan age 6 both suffer from multiple medical conditions that impact their daily lives. This year Tanner and Tolan are the youth honorees for the Arthritis Foundation. Tanner has was with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in March of 2014. This diagnosis came years after searching for answers and a little boy living in pain. Tanner actually stopped growing for over two years. Once, Tanner was placed on the correct medications his body stated to respond and once again he started growing again. Tanner still lives in pain every day. Tolan was diagnosed in January of 2016 came a little sooner in his life as this time we knew what to watch for. At one of Tanner quarterly visits with the Rheumatologist the doctor was looking Tolan over in an unofficial appointment as they had been doing for the past year. During this visit everything changed when we were told it was time to have a formal referral sent in for Tolan as well. Tolan also takes a few medications to control his arthritis daily. Not to mention the injection done every week at home. Both boys hope to see remission one day, as there is no cure for Juvenile Arthritis. Until than we continue to fight and advocate others that “kids get arthritis too”.

Tanner and Tolan Fundraiser for Juvenile Arthritis