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The Bridge GR - Open Door Pillowcase Project

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The Open Door Women’s Center is located on the third floor of Degage Ministries and, since its inception, has hosted 4,700 women for overnight respite. While the Open Door provides overnight respite for women, Degage serves both men and women, providing a variety of resources for those in the Heartside community. Degage collected 4,700 pillowcases decorated by community members for an exhibit, creating a powerful narrative about the growing number of women facing homelessness. The exhibit will also include audio and video, accessible to visitors via their smartphones using QR codes placed on signage in the exhibit and

Signage will also be created and deployed throughout the exhibit featuring photos of Open Door patrons and staff, along with Open Door stats and information (similar to audio/video).

After the exhibit closes, sections of the pillowcase project will be curated for several mobile exhibits for future Degage-related initiatives.

COVID-19 social distancing will be addressed by spray painting arrows in one direction through the exhibit and Xs placed 6’ apart in front of each panel. Signage will be included to remind exhibit visitors of social distancing and appropriate mask use.

Mitigation and Control Plan:

Signage will be provided at all three locations to remind those who visit the exhibit to:

  • groups visiting the exhibit are limited to 100 attendees
  • stay 6' away from others 
  • do not touch the pillowcases
  • wear a face mask when in large groups
  • view the exhibit a certain direction based on the venue

The signs will also contain three visuals: groups of people with masks, two figures with 6' between them, and a hand reaching for something with a line through it indicating no touching.

The Bridge GR - Open Door Pillowcase Project
  • Times:  Exhibit starts at 5PM on 9/10/20 and ends at 8PM on 10/1/20
  • September 10, 2020 to October 1, 2020
  • Ah-Nab-Awen Park & Gillett Bridge
  • Free Addmission
  • Recurring daily