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Vazum / Blanca Luz / White Bee

Music Starts 10pm (21+)

VAZUM is lead by Zach Pliska, who plays drums in Detroit bands FUR, George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus, VSTRS, DUDE and After Dark Amusement Park. The songs are written and performed by Pliska on recordings. A full band is utilized live. The sound falls into post-punk, goth or hard rock.

Blanca Luz -
Blanca Luz masterfully walks the tightrope between early adult wistfulness and the rebellious energy of youth. Their propulsive songs champion a refined tightness that comes from maturity, while being defined by an exuberant sense of abandon. Nostalgia mixed with a lust for the future, they’re all you could want from an indie rock band with a distinctly Midwestern flavor.

White Bee -
White Bee is a neo-soul act from Detroit, Michigan. Expressive vocals accompanied by the shuffle of a rhythm section embarking on jazz expeditions make for a truly unique listening experience.

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Vazum / Blanca Luz / White Bee