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Local Filmmaker Releases Revolutionary Short Film Krump Dance Battle Film Offers Deeper Message 
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Dust, a revolutionary short dance film shot in slow motion and rechoreographed to new music, released on May 8, 2017. Featuring local professional Krump dancer Mark Evans II, Dust offers a deeper meaning as it depicts man’s battle against the futility of life.  
“I woke up at 3 A.M. and this image of a Krump Dancer flooded into my mind,” Director Sloan Inns explained. “I could see his chest lock and pop so violently that dust exploded off it, and I couldn’t get to sleep after that.”  
Along with his wife Jenna Inns as the film’s producer, they created this unprecedented dance film. The plot is based on a Biblical story of man being created from the dust. Using dance to communicate how man overcomes the curse. It’s aim is to provide inspiration to those struggling to know what to do between the time they are born and when the dust finally settles on their lives. 
Dust pushes the limits as a new style of dance film, the secret of which lies in post-production. The film was shot in slow motion, which is how the dancing can move from realtime to slow motion with ease. The editing process took a full year because the process of matching the beat of the score to the dance was intricate work.  
“It was an ambitious project,” said Inns. “But I’m really happy with how the dancer manages to dance in real time, then break into slow-motion while keeping on beat.” 
The project is available on youtube, and Inns hopes to generate as many views as possible. View Dust here.