Art may be subjective, but its mere existence in a city is a benefit for meeting and event planners, providing the potential for off-site sessions at museums or galleries, downtime entertainment options for attendees or organized excursions as part of the event agenda.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, boasts several art opportunities all year long that would benefit any meeting or convention coming to town, as well as popular art festivals that turn the downtown into a literal art gallery.

The city is home to:

Any of these attractions would benefit an organization choosing to meet in Grand Rapids, but even outside of these venues and events the city offers ample public art that enriches the environment, including sculptures, statues and murals.

The anchor is Alexander Calder’s La Grande Vitesse. Installed outside City Hall in 1969, the 43-foot tall, 42-ton bright red stabile was the first civic sculpture jointly financed by civic and private funds.

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