Having been in the meetings and events industry for 25 years, Amy Young, president of Destination Consultants, knows a little something about avoiding career burnout.

It starts with never expecting anything to be easy and accepting the fact that nothing can be perfect all the time.

"You'll have good days and bad days no matter what you do or how much you love your job," she said.

But that doesn't mean you can't take steps to make things go more smoothly and push the burnout threshold down the road a bit.

Take a look at burnout and see how you can use it to light a fire under you to make a change in your life.
- Amy Young President of Destination Consultants

First on her list: Maximizing technology and mobile apps.

She uses SignEasy for signing contracts on the fly from her phone. And flight tracker apps are a must-have for checking on a VIP's arrival and departure times or hunt for missing luggage.

"I downloaded the Delta app to track one of my attendee's bags right down to the last place it got stuck," she said. "So I was able to get the bag moved on for my attendee, and it arrived the very next morning."

She also praised TinyScan. She uses the app to scans receipts and invoices and send them directly to her accounting department. She'll even scan her meeting notes, and the app turns them into a high-quality PDF.

"Registration is a breeze with the latest software," she said, and many CVB's, hotels and venues have software programs and apps of their own to make a planner's job easier.

"Embrace the technology, because it will make you more efficient," Young said.

Next: Take advantage of CVBs and DMOs

Well-done websites from host cities can be one-stop shopping for a meeting planner.

"I use Experience Grand Rapids' site and I recommend it to others as a quick way to find venues," she said. "There are tools to drill down and get specific about what you need in a venue or hotel, its all right there."

There is fantastic software available for site searches, but if you can't afford the software, usually the CVB in your area of interest will have a good website.

The organizations typically have a wide array of free services to offer their clients, too, including promotionmicrosites, referrals or arranging tours or transportation.

All these things can make your job easier, less stressful and more efficient, but make sure you don't fill your extra time with more work. Henry Ford showed the world a long time ago that a 40-hour work week has tremendous benefits for employees and employers both.

Still feeling those symptoms of burnout? Young said it might be a good wakeup call.

"Life might be giving you a really big lesson," she said. "Maybe you need to switch gears and look at another career. Maybe you need to seek out positive people or take some time off and backpack through Europe."

"Take a look at burnout and see how you can use it to light a fire under you to make a change in your life."

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