Grand Rapids joined an impressive list of cities hosting the annual International Herpesvirus Workshop, the largest annual gathering of students, researchers and scientists studying the biology and diseases caused by the herpesvirus.

The five-day event included plenary lectures, workshops and poster sessions. The attendees came from across the globe and were notably impressed with the facilities Grand Rapids had to offer.

“The convention center and the hotel, they are amazingly huge,” a researcher from Germany said. “The convention center is convenient that it has large as well as smaller rooms depending on whether you have a general session or you want to break up and have more specific discussions. And the food has been excellent as well.”

An attendee from Wisconsin also had good things to say: “The conference has been fabulous. There's been a lot of great science. It's a really nice venue. All the brew pubs really help – it's been outstanding.”

The event was brought to Grand Rapids by conference hosts Phil Pellett of Wayne State University and Steve Triezenberg of the Van Andel Institute. The team said it was a great success.

“I'm very proud to see Grand Rapids on a list of the cities that have hosted this conference,” Triezenberg said. “Last year in Calgary, the year before that in Poland, next year in Kobe, Japan.

“To have Grand Rapids on that list is truly an honor and I think represents our city very well.”