We asked eight meeting planners what their must-have item is that they need to have with them onsite at an event. Here's what they said:

"My iPad with external battery back up charger, iPhone with fully loaded Starbucks App for all day use! In my office a fridge or cooler with Diet Coke (preferably with lime, but not necessary) and some bananas."

- Peter S. Maher, Interim Chief Operations Officer and Director of Convention Operations, National Association of Pastoral Musicians

"Some people like hand sanitizer, but I am a Wet Ones addict. I use them to clean my hands, fix running eyeliner, cool the back of my neck, and even to wipe off tables, clean my cell phone cover, etc. I keep them in my purse, on my desk, in my car..."

- Michelle W. Jones, Director of Convention & Meeting Services, International Parking Institute

"Don't laugh, but I carry a box cutter with me on-site. You'd be surprised how many times I come across a box of supplies, handouts, etc. that require a cutter to get them open. In my name badge I carry a small spiral note pad and a pen so I can jot something down quic - a knote for next year, something I need to do before the next day starts, etc. I've found it to be a lifesaver. Plus, if you get any complaints and the attendee sees you writing it down, they think, yes, something will get done about it."

- Andrea Sundermann, Director of Continuing Education, Michigan Dental Association

"Water bottle, phone charger, iPad, gum, hand lotion, and protein bars."

- Linda Murphy-Ganger, Manager of Global Accounts, HelmsBriscoe

"My iPad, I like putting my BEOs on that instead of carrying around the old school binder."

- Christina Childs, Senior Meeting Planner, NTCA

"Water, Motrin, Band-Aids!"

- Denise McGinn, President, Association Guidance

"ONE item? Would have to be extra shoes if it's just for me. This is hard to narrow down because we never have the luxury of thinking only of ourselves. Someone always needs one of these top 5:

1. Extra shoes (just for me)

2. Hand sanitizer

3. Band-Aids

4. Aspirin

5. Breath mints"

- Barb Roberts Beurkens

"For me I always pack Advil, gum/breath mints, bottle opener/cork screw (don't judge me!), China-Gel used to massage my feet at the end of each day and my new addition is a portable wireless speaker to "rock out" to tunes in the staff office and/or my hotel room."

- Christopher Kirbabas, Meeting Planner, Association of Legal Administrators

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Are these some must-haves for you as well? We want to know what must have item(s) you need to have onsite with you!

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