In 2012, the American Quilter’s Society brought one of its annual shows to Grand Rapids for the first time. They have been coming back ever since.

Here are some scenes from their 2013 show, when more than 21,000 quilting fans filled the DeVos Place Convention Center for one of the largest fiber art events in the country. More than 750 quilts and other works of fiber art were on display.

“We chose Grand Rapids because you have this beautiful DeVos Place convention center,” AQS Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning said. “But, also, it’s a very art-oriented community, and that’s important to us.”

Tim Langlitz, the AQS marketing director at the time, shared that view, noting how welcoming Grand Rapids is to the art community.

“The businesses and the vendors that we have here really feel that welcome and really feel appreciated,” Langlitz said.

A group of attendees from Pennsylvania said the trip was well worth it, the show was inspiring, and there was one more benefit.

“Where else are you going to have all that shopping in one place?” one of them said.