The Mid-America Oireachtas came to Grand Rapids for their competition in 2012 and had so much fun, they came back in 2013.

More than 3,000 young Irish dancers from 14 states filled area hotels and the DeVos Place convention center to compete for a chance to advance to the next level.

"They must compete here and they must compete well in order to attain the status to be able to go to the world championships," Conference Co-Chair Liz Heinzman said. "There's 3,000 competitors here. Out of the 3,000, less than 300 will make their way to the worlds."

Heinzman said they were very happy to come back after getting great feedback from attendees the previous year.

"The venue's amazing. We have plenty of room. The staff is fantastic. The hotels are fantastic. The entire city, actually," she said. "We've actually had letters of compliments, which never happens. Grand Rapids has been fantastic."

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