As Grand Rapids’ and Kent County’s destination marketing organization, our team has the privilege every day of telling – and showing – people what a great place this is to visit. That’s our job. But it’s also our passion.

We care deeply about this community, and we recognize the interconnectedness of all that makes this region a great place, not only to visit, but to live, learn, work and do business. We hold to the belief, as one travel industry leader put it, that it all starts with a visit*.

If we build a place where people want to visit, we will build a place where people want to live.

If we build a place where people want to live, we will build a place where people want to work.

If we build a place where people want to work, we will build a place where business has to be.

It all starts with a visit.
- Maura Gast Executive Director, Irving CVB

That’s why Experience Grand Rapids team members get engaged in a broad range of boards, committees, community partnerships and development initiatives. It’s critically important that, if we’re promoting our community, we’re also contributing to it. And as we do, our love and appreciation for West Michigan and the people who live here grows.

That’s what The Rapid Exchange blog is all about. This is our platform to shine a light on some of the outstanding organizations, people and initiatives that make up this fantastic community as well as what and how we do what we do and the strategy behind it.

We’ll share stories about the community organizations and activities we’re involved with. And as we engage in the community, we’ll also tell you about some of the local people and projects that inspire, motivate, move or just plain “wow” us.

We hope you follow along. As you do, we hope you also gain a deeper appreciation of what makes Grand Rapids great.

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