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Visitor Information

Where can I get a visitor's guide?  (Back to Top)

Online, by mail, in hotel rooms throughout the area, and at the Visitor Information Desk (in the baggage claim area) of Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Where can I find a current list of things to do?  (Back to Top)

Things to do page and Calendar of Events

What are the can't-miss events and attractions?  (Back to Top)

Our Top 10 list is a great place to start! 

Other good sources of visitor information?  (Back to Top), the state's travel site, and, all about Michigan's West Coast.

How can I get the best deal on lodging?  (Back to Top)

Check our hotel packages.

What's the best way to get to Grand Rapids?  (Back to Top)

Take your pick - Grand Rapids is easily accessible by air, ferry, car, bus and train. If you're driving, you'll find Grand Rapids at the intersection of two major expressway systems: US-131 and I-96/I-196. Check our online map to customize your route and locate popular destinations.


General Information

Why is Grand Rapids called "The Furniture City?"  (Back to Top)

Grand Rapids became both a major lumbering center and the premier furniture manufacturing city of the United States during the latter half of the 19th century. In 1876, an international exhibition in Philadelphia led Grand Rapids to worldwide recognition as a leader in fine furniture production. National home furnishing markets were held in Grand Rapids for about 75 years, concluding in the 1960s. Today, Grand Rapids is considered a world leader in the production of office furniture.

What makes Grand Rapids one of America's Greenest Cities?  (Back to Top)

The Grand Rapids metro area has more LEED-certified buildings per capita than any other city in the U.S. (LEED is a system that evaluates the "green" performance of new and refurbished construction.) Our most recent achievement is the world's first newly-built LEED-certified art museum.

What time is it?  (Back to Top)

Grand Rapids is located in the Eastern Time zone and follows Daylight Saving Time. Check the current time.

What's the weather like?  (Back to Top)

Grand Rapids enjoys all four seasons to the fullest. Check the latest conditions and forecast.

What is the sales tax?  (Back to Top)

Michigan sales tax is 6% on all tangible products.

How many people live here?

As of 2012, the total population of Grand Rapids was 190,411. Kent County population was 614,462. Total population in the seven-county service area (CSA) was 1,323,287.

The area's largest employers include:  (Back to Top)

Alticor, Haworth, Herman Miller, Johnson Controls, Meijer, Spectrum Health, Wolverine Worldwide and Zondervan.


Legal Information

What is the seatbelt law?  (Back to Top)

Michigan's safety belt law allows police officers to stop a motorist solely for not wearing a safety belt in the front seat of a vehicle or if a child is not properly restrained, no matter where they are riding in a vehicle. The child passenger safety law covers children up through age fifteen (15). Children from birth through age three (3) must be in a child safety seat in the front and rear seats. As of July 1, 2008, children must be in a booster seat until they are eight (8) years old or 4'9" tall no matter where they are riding in a vehicle. Children who are eight (8) years old but less than sixteen (16) years old riding in either the front or rear seat must use a safety belt.

What are the alcoholic beverage laws?  (Back to Top)

Michigan state law prohibits anyone younger than 21 years of age from purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages. Some cities and townships in the Grand Rapids area prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sunday before 12:00 noon. Bars close at 2 am.

Where can I get a fishing license?  (Back to Top)

For fishing and boating licenses (and a list of public access sites), contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources at (269) 685-6851 or