All nominees will be judged by the criteria below. Winners will be announced in the fall and will be recognized at the WAVE Awards.


  • Attitude: Is the nominee friendly, courteous and respectful to guests? Does the nominee represent the business well and create a positive first impression?
  • Attentiveness: Does the nominee make each guest feel like a priority by actively listening and anticipating guest needs?
  • Performance: To what extent does the nominee address guest concerns with a sense of urgency and provide a timely solution? Is the nominee effective at exceeding customer expectations and producing repeat business?
  • Knowledge: To what extent is the nominee knowledgeable of Grand Rapids, Kent County, current events and other local businesses? Does the nominee answer questions correctly or find answers quickly?
  • Consistency: Does the nominee exhibit the above characteristics for every guest encounter? Is the business frequently receiving positive feedback about the nominee from guests?


  1. Hospitality service providers who have worked for a minimum of one year in a customer service position are eligible to be nominated. Nominees must spend the majority of their time on the job interacting with visitors to Kent County.
  2. At least one year of hospitality service must have been worked in Kent County.
  3. Nominees may not own the business from which they are nominated.
  4. Nominees may not hold a management role (this recognition is for front line employees who go above and beyond as a hospitality service provider).