Grand Rapids Wedding Venues & Hotels

Location, location, location. It’s just as important to a memorable wedding as it is to a piece of real estate. Fortunately, Grand Rapids offers a tremendous range of conveniently located venues and hotels that allow you to personalize your wedding to your taste, budget and interests.

Finding the Perfect Venue

The setting for your ceremony and reception should be as meaningful as the vows you recite. Are you a traditionalist who wants to marry in a sacred worship space and host your reception in a grand ballroom? Would you like to walk down the aisle in a spectacular garden, museum, ballpark  or ski lodge? Is your ideal reception site a restaurant, country club, banquet center, brewery or treehouse?

Use the search function below to find these and many other venues to consider for your special day.

Mobility-impaired Guests? Grand Rapids strives to accommodate visitors with special needs. Many of our venue and attraction listings include accessibility details.

Finding (and Booking) Hotels

Grand Rapids offers more than 80 hotels across every area of the city, so you’re sure to find one (or more) to fit your budget, location and amenity requirements. Want a planning shortcut? Tell us your requirements, and we’ll identify the hotels that best meet them – for FREE! Contact us to get started.

We can also help you book your hotel(s) – helping ensure you reserve the right number of rooms and consider all the details that will contribute to an enjoyable stay for you and your guests.

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