Planning Your Wedding in Grand Rapids

We know you have a million details to attend to as you plan your wedding. We can help!

Finding the Perfect Hotel(s)

There are more than 60 hotels in and around Grand Rapids – and more are under construction to open soon. Contacting each one to see if it meets your wedding needs would be a massive undertaking. So we’ll do it for you!

Our team will work with area hotels to find the best fit for you. All you have to do is fill out a form outlining your budget, desired location and other factors. We will distribute your request to appropriate hotels, collect the responses and present the proposals to you. We know the wedding business, so feel free to ask us for insight on your hotel options.

This is a FREE service to brides and grooms marrying here – consider it our wedding gift to you!

More Planning Help

Looking for wedding venues and hotels? Trying to come up with fun pre-wedding events? Want to give your guests ideas on things to do in town before and after the ceremony? We can help with these, too!

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Finding Service Providers

Here’s another massive undertaking – tracking down florists, photographers, ice sculptors, caterers and other wedding vendors. Once again, we can help.

Use the service provider database below to search for vendors by category. You’ll get a list of relevant local businesses complete with contact information and links to their websites. It’s fast, easy and FREE!