On-Site Services

We want to make sure you and your attendees get the most out of your time here, both inside and outside your event. The Convention Services Team can help you with hospitality arrangements and resource connections, while our cutting-edge visitor tools empower attendees to explore the area with confidence and ease.

Convention Attendee Discounts

We can provide you with copies of our Dining Deals MapShopping Deals Map, or provide you copies of a customized Welcome Sheet for your attendees. Attendees can receive discounts at many restaurants and attractions simply by showing their conference badge.

Temporary Staffing Support

Perhaps you need some extra staff to help make your conference run smoothly while you're in Grand Rapids. This link will connect you to a list of service providers that can support that need.

Information Table

We can set up an information table at your event, near your registration area, supplied with visitor guides, maps, attraction brochures, etc.

Volunteer Ambassadors

We can staff the Grand Rapids information table with volunteers to assist your attendees with directions during the first day or two of your conference. Many of our volunteers are CTA certified to make your attendees experience in Grand Rapids the best it can be.


We can help support your group finding their way to the conference and meeting room locations. You can also view the PDF of where we suggest you place signage in the Skywalk or DeVos Place Convention Center.

Dining Alert

If you are planning a large event or conference, where your attendees are going to be on their own for meals, we are able to send out a dining alert to the downtown Grand Rapids restaurants to ensure adequate staffing. Welcome signs, with your conference or event name printed on them, are also mailed to the restaurants and are hung in windows welcoming your attendees.

Airport Welcome

The visitor information center at Gerald R. Ford International airport is a great place to greet your attendees when they arrive. Conventions and Corporate Groups can utilize this area to welcome guests coming into town.