Not only is Grand Rapids a great restaurant city, it's a great city for people who love to cook. Or would love to learn to cook. Or just love the pursuit of culinary knowledge.

The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College presents an ongoing schedule of hands-on workshops for the general public. Many of our creative farm-to-table chefs take great delight in sharing their tips and techniques in special classes designed for home cooks. And some of our finest restaurants open their doors for fun educational events like beer and wine tastings, theme dinners and more.

Check back here often - we're always cooking up more ideas!

Cooking Classes at The Local Epicurean

Epicurean classes are designed for the adventurous foodie in all of us. For beginners and experienced cooks alike, the hands-on classes offer practical and advanced techniques for making your own delicious creations and help build your culinary…

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