Heidi Schmitt, GMS

Director of State Accounts
aka Mitten Mogul

Heidi is tasked with convincing Michigan entities to hold their conventions and meetings in Grand Rapids. The reason she’s so effective is that she focuses on building relationships with clients (and colleagues). Guess that degree in Organizational Communications and Marketing was a good investment!

Heidi’s actually a two-timer. No, not that kind of two-timer – she’s served two stints with Experience Grand Rapids. She was our Sales Manager from 1993-1995 and then she joined us again in 2007. (Once we get our hooks in you, it’s tough to stay away. That goes for visitors, too.)

Bio Bits:

Heidi loves to read, golf and spend time with family and friends – including husband Eric, her favorite travel companion.

Heidi Schmitt, Director of State Accounts

Heidi Schmitt, Director of State Accounts

Photo by Experience Grand Rapids