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Restaurant Week GR
November 3-11, 2023

Restaurant Week GR 2023 will be similar to Restaurant Week GR 2022. We're working through some slight changes and tweaking it to make it perfect! We will be in touch for 2023 recruitment in the coming months. Meanwhile, you can learn more about how Restaurant Week GR 2022 was structured below. 


2022 Information

Download the 2022 Restaurant Week GR Information Sheet, or learn more below. 

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The Recipe for 2022

We are excited to announce the return of the traditional format of offering special menus created expressly for Restaurant Week. Last year's "everyday menu" format proved successful for participating restaurants - but we heard from countless diners who missed the opportunity to taste what happens when chefs get to really strut their stuff. 

We know staffing and supply issues are still impacting operations, but those who are able to participate will further their reputation for culinary excellence and attract first-time customers who can be turned into regulars. We hope that you will participate!  

2022 Menu Format Options 

Each restaurant will chose a category to participate in:

  • 2+ courses for $25 or less
  • 2+ courses for over $25 

For each option, we encourage restaurants to offer related add-ons, e.g. dessert for $X or a beer pairing for $X. Think of ways to upsell while still delivering a great VALUE to your guests. NOTE: These prices do not include tax, tip or beverages. 

RWGR Goes Digital

Like last year, we are asking diners to check in to restaurants using Bandwango technology on their smartphones. We are incentivizing them to visit multiple restaurants by offering a free gift for checking in to 3 or more locations. Diners do NOT have to order off the RWGR menu to check in, but it will be encouraged. Bounce-back coupons will be provided to anyone that checks in. 

Philanthropic Aspect

Experience Grand Rapids will contribute $1 per every Restaurant Week check-in to an endowed scholarship at GRCC Secchia Institute for Culinary Education. The previous requirement for restaurants to donate $1 per meal sold has been waived. Since 2010, Restaurant Week has donated over $185,000 to the scholarship fund - helping ensure a steady pipeline of culinary talent for local restaurants! 

Restaurant Commitment (Deadline Extended to October 19!)

  1. Partner with Experience GR: You must be a partner of EXGR to participate in Restaurant Week GR. $250 annually. You can check out the benefits of partnership and submit payment.  The $100 Restaurant Week GR specific fee of the past has been waived. 
  2. Provide a Bounce-Back Coupon: Provide a bounce-back offer that can be redeemed on a future visit to your restaurant. Examples include BOGO, a 10% off, free dessert, a free appetizer, it’s up to you. This will be a one time redemption offer expiring 12/30/2022. This is required to participate. You can communicate your bounce back offer in the sign up link below. 
  3. Officially sign up here by October 19 or sooner. You will need your full Restaurant Week GR menu, the menu price point, and bounce-back offer to complete the sign up. You will also be asked to create a 4 digit pin number that will be used for guests to check in.   
  4. Train serving staff about RWGR. All staff should know about Restaurant Week GR to ensure the best guest experience. Guests should be presented with your Restaurant Week GR menu during the promotional timeframe. Your staff will need to know the 4-digit pin number you created during the signup process. Guests will ask for this pin to allow them to check in while they're at your restaurant. We will receive analytics regarding number of check-ins at the end of Restaurant Week GR that can be shared with participants upon request.

Not quite ready to officially sign up but know that you want to participate? Email Jaylyn a quick note to let her know that you are "in" and we will be sure you are included on all of our lists! 

Additional Marketing Opportunity (Optional)

In the past, a gift card donation has been a requirement to participate in Restaurant Week GR. We are making this optional this year. If you would like additional marketing exposure and are able to do so, please mail a gift card between $25-$50. We will use these gift cards for social media giveaways, as well as part of our public relations strategy with local media and influencers. They will be put to good use! Gift cards should be mailed to the address below by October 15.

Experience Grand Rapids
Attn: RWGR
171 Monroe Ave NW Suite 545
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

We're Here to Help!

We recognize that the local culinary scene is critical to attracting tourists and business travelers. We want to help local restaurants thrive – and mobilizing community support through Restaurant Week GR is one way we’re doing it! Gordon Food Service is our major sponsor of Restaurant Week GR. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you with menu creation, costing and more. 


Contact Jaylyn McCloy, Marketing Partnership Manager at JMcCloy@ExperienceGR.com or 616-233-3565.