Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans ages 50-plus plan on traveling in 2024, according to AARP. With more leisure time and more disposable income than other age groups, older adults are a lucrative – and growing – market segment for destinations and travel operators.

Experience Grand Rapids’ own research backs this up. That’s why our newest video showcases a group of 50-somethings enjoying each other’s company while they explore the city. They’re depicted as active, vibrant and engaged with life – just like this age group sees itself. We were fortunate to find three real-life Michigan couples to participate, so the on-screen chemistry is real.  (We’re always looking for local people that reflect the diversity of Grand Rapids to join our paid model network – fill out an application if you’re interested.)

Our first video to feature a mature demographic is also our first video with voice-over narration. The script takes a cue from our Let’s Get Together Soon campaign by nudging viewers to stop putting off a reunion with friends and plan a trip to Grand Rapids now. It’s a message that resonates with people who may have been preoccupied with raising kids and building a career up to this point in their lives.

Grand Rapids: Get Together Soon

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We like to say “it starts with a visit”– but sometimes a virtual visit can be the starting point for an actual one. Seeing people like themselves having fun here can motivate older travelers to choose Grand Rapids for their next getaway.

The video launched March 7 on social media, with an added emphasis on the channels this demographic uses most - Facebook and YouTube. Please feel free to share it with your friends … of all ages!