Jack Stanley

Video and Digital Content Creator
aka Visual Visionary

Jack puts his work out there for everyone to see – our Experience Grand Rapids YouTube channel is stocked with examples of his talent. But it’s not just his eye for video composition that makes him a valuable member of the marketing team.

Jack is adept at concepting creative content that supports diverse sales and marketing projects, and then transforming those ideas into attention-getting video and digital assets. He’s a dreamer and a doer!

Bio Bits

  • Recommends Rockford Brewing Company’s Rogue River Brown ale and the PB & J Burger at Grand Rapids Brewing Company
  • Loves to cook (though he cleverly hides it from his co-workers by bringing in a sub sandwich for lunch every day)
  • Watches a lot of movies – no surprise for a film and video major – but also spends his free time hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles

Jack’s favorite travel destination is Leland, Michigan and his favorite travel companions are his fishing poles, a dozen packs of beef jerky and a cooler of beer from Craft Beer Cellar. In town, you’re likely to find him fishing (and watching the sunset) at Millennium Park, just a few miles down the road from our offices.

Jack Stanley, Video Media Manager

Jack Stanley, Video Media Manager

Photo by Mod Bettie for Experience Grand Rapids