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Experience Grand Rapids offers an online way of accessing our photography through a digital asset management system called the SimpleviewDAM. Please note that our photo library is continuously updated. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact Jack Stanley at photos@experiencegr.com.

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Experience Grand Rapids Photo Library


Terms of Use

Usage of the images on this site are subject to the following conditions. By downloading these images you indicate your consent to abide by these terms.
All photo images belonging to Experience Grand Rapids must be used for non-commercial purposes in the promotion of Grand Rapids. All photos are to be used on a one time usage basis only for the agreed upon purpose. Photo use is non-transferable.

Our assets may be used by:

  • Travel and trade media
  • Meeting professionals and motorcoach groups who are working with Experience Grand Rapids in promoting Grand Rapids as their meeting or convention destination.
  • Member businesses of Experience Grand Rapids

Use of Experience Grand Rapids photos requires credit "Courtesy of Experience Grand Rapids".

If you would like to use a photo for commercial use we can connect you with the photographer.